The Day After

I’m not a fan of Biden or Harris (of course I voted for them- I’m neither stupid nor unresponsive to my Ancestors) but the emotional responses to the historical moment have been deeply touching to me. Coming off of the barren chaos and cruelty of the Trump years, we are bonded by relief and a lessening of fear and near despair. Akin to veterans of a nebulous, yet danger filled, murderous war fought on multiple fronts, we share this exhalation with an entire world that is celebrating: dancing in the streets- masked and distancing even as they jump and twirl; bells ringing in Paris; fireworks in London, pujas in India. There is a universal sigh of relief that is unknown since Hitler was defeated in WW2. If we weren’t also in a pandemic, I have no doubt that people would be kissing strangers and embracing one another in sheer joy.

How not to be moved as an entire world breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that the struggle continues while praying that Trump’s unsurpassed cruelty and indifference will not result in yet more innocent deaths before he is dragged from the White House for his walk of shame- a universally despised grifter who exposed the racist, misogynist, frightened underbelly of the nation, corrupted its morals, and destroyed the prestige and trust much of the world held for this nation. Xenophobia, homophobia, anti-intellectualism, and flat out backwardness- hell of a legacy for the “land of the free, home of the brave.” The deaths of a quarter million souls and the indescribably cruel separation from their families and horrific mistreatment of children should haunt him and this country for a lifetime.

But that presumes a conscience or empathy and he has none. Do we? Now’s the time to prove it.

So we celebrate, not only his ouster, but the possibility that at least some amends and rectifications can be made to all the victims of this modern reign of Caligula, and that Justice, generosity, honesty, and human kindness are again valued and aspirational goals.

May Biden and Harris both rise to the occasion and aim to be every good thing projected onto them, and may the negative trance be lifted from the people.

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