Pre Holiday PSA

Before our contentious elections and in anticipation of our pivot towards holiday sentimentality, I want to take a moment to implore people to show some basic consideration for those who may differ from you. We’re living through a period of social, ethical, and climate upheavals and it’s imperative that even when deposing our enemies, we are fueled by love for others, not hatred for some.

I’m not always sure of how our biases develop, but I want you to take a moment to ask yourselves why you feel the need to persecute people whose tastes differ from yours. Even if you feel differently, people have the right to eat and enjoy, even prefer Candy Corn to other treats. We don’t have to understand or join them, we have only to live and let live.

So during this season of Halloween fun, and especially this year as we shelter at home, perhaps separated from those we love during holidays associated with family and feasts, I ask you to look onto your hearts and make peace with your Candy Corn eating friends and relatives. In the name of peace and sugary sweets around the world, let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with the Candy Corn haters ✌🏽

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