It Must Be February!

Cool list of Black films (see below) including several that I love (Set it off is centered on the friendship between a group of Black women who wouldn’t seem to be compatible, and that was strikingly wonderful when it was made) but a few of these movies (Set It Off- hello!) have trauma!
Are we so used to Black lives being shown as only trauma centered and motivated, that films that have any relief within it blinds us to the still visible, ongoing pain being presented?
Somebody needs to read, starting with Nikki Giovanni’s “Nikki Rosa” poem. Then move on to the literary disagreements between Richard Wright and Zora Neal Hurston! And don’t stop there- we have Sci Fi, Romance, Coming of Age, Tales of Heroism, and every other story genre known. Check it out 😉

Believe me, we are fully developed humans of depth. We are not only the pain inflicted upon us.

Grow up, America.