A More Perfect Union

Ok, I got an A in college Economics, I’ve actually read Smith, Mill, Marx, Keynes, Malthus, Burke, Friedman, some of the reformers, etc. I have at least a better than average understanding of how our system works and doesn’t work. So riddle me this: as this system benefits so few and is so destructive to the environment that provides the raw materials as well as sustaining life, why the hell are we not changing to a better system?
Seriously. We create these systems, we decide what will be used as money & its value, we create the hierarchies and everything else not strictly biological. So why are we do wed to that which is so obviously not working except for a few, and isn’t sustainable even for them.
Let’s just switch. Right now: boom!
First move? May 1st General Strike.
Second + moves? Recall ALL senators and reps who are non-responsive to the will of the people. Demand that the 25th amendment be invoked and that criminal charges be levied against 45, Pence, McConnell, etc. Do what should have been done in 2018- nullify the election due to foreign intervention. Throw every federal appointee off their benches, revoke the new tax laws and every other piece of crappy legislation enacted since 2017. Do NOT reopen schools- don’t even think about it this close to the end of term.
Demand that the stock of PPE seized by the feds be redistributed among the states that ordered them. Renew our relationship with WHO and get scientists back on the CDC, ASAP.
We the People form the more perfect union, so stop acting like scared children. Take back your power, take off the dunce caps and get your brains back in gear and prop up your spines!
These are not leaders, they are most definitely not supposed to be our rulers: they are representatives of our collective will.
Get rid of the frigging Electoral College, for pity’s sake! Demand that mail ballots be sent to every voter in the USA. Make voter registration automatic when a citizen turns 18. If AARP can find every human’s birth age, and if BBB can find you to send those coupons, so can the Feds.
Create a universal basic income. Tax the wealthy, corporations, and religious establishments. Expand Social Security, save the USPS, support veterans. Eliminate corporate lobbying, revoke corporate personhood and Citizens United. Raise the minimum wage to $22 per hour and make Jeff Bezos pay for all of it. Seriously- that guy…
Clean house!!!!
Invoke the right to “Do over” and use it to actually form a more perfect union that works to benefit ALL.

“Debt cancellation would not only relieve human suffering, it would also remind us that money is not ineffable, that these are human arrangements and that if democracy is going to mean anything, it is the ability to all agree to arrange things in a different way.”

— David Graeber

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