June 30, 2018

So many of you today are heading out to stand up to tyranny and abuse. Go to help others, but also go to help yourselves and connect with other good souls. We are not alone, we are not beaten. Our Ancestors survived with fewer tools and without the ability we have to connect. True Power is not destroyed by the weapons they hold, but the steps to our victory are many and can be daunting.

Just remember that throughout history, long periods of relative peace and the level of prosperity many of us have presumed to be “normal” are in fact rare moments, and always hard won.

Stay strong in love, keep the faith, reach out to each other. Remember to take strategic retreats to renew the body and spirit because this is a lifelong struggle. The people who would diminish all life are always there and they never sleep. We have to take turns: one sleeps, the other watches. It’s been done before, we can do it now. A new world requires a new vision: stop using the Master’s blueprint and tools.

And don’t just take photos of beauty: memorize the sites and people you love. Hold them in your heart for the moments of despair or periods of isolation. This is wisdom from my elders.

Hold fast to your truths, but keep a humble heart: others may know more and have more pieces of the puzzle than you.

I love you all, People of The Good Heart: you are Gold and in the long game we’re playing, We’ve Got This!

In solidarity and love ❤️✊🏽❤️✊🏽🎶✊🏽❤️✊🏽❤️

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