Continued Pandemic Musings

Note: This was written in July, but is still relevant as people have grown weary of sheltering in and might be tempted to take less care during these gorgeous, end of summer days. AMC

Totally unasked for comments on recent 6 ft isn’t far enough away and the power of droplets articles:

Didn’t we learn this in April?

My students always thought it was funny that I cautioned them to stay 14 ft away (laughingly, but with a serious edge) and disinfected the common computer keyboard at the start of class. (A dear former student gifted me with a set of wipes, hand sanitizers, etc. at the end of semester. I was not hurt at all 😂)
Some former students informed me that they now joke that they’re “Cruzing through the pandemic.” 😆This makes me happy: I want them to stay safe!

Who thinks anywhere outside of your own space is safe, especially in public? (Ok, people in TX, FL, GA, AZ, Jersey & LI shores, etc. 🤦🏽‍♀️) I presume that everyone has it and that I’m particularly vulnerable and I proceed accordingly.

I haven’t worn shoes inside since I was 17. We drop trou and all outside clothing as soon as the door’s closed, have a fresh laundry bag waiting, & clean indoor clothes right next to the bathroom for post washing ourselves and disinfecting knobs & such. Outside clothes & bag straight to washer.

If this virus wants me, it’s going to have to break down the door and Land Shark me! Yes, I’m cranky and in serious need of an outing. I miss my family more than I can express and I’m seriously worried for people who feel that they must, or are being coerced to return to vectors of communicable diseases AKA “schools” few of which can be made and kept safe.

I have very serious critiques and criticisms of our government’s lack of response and the concurrent war on the (augmenting) poor, among other things. But in the here and now- knowing people who have suffered through this horrendous disease and lost family members- I just want to ask people to stay safe. Inconvenienced is far better than dead or living with various disabilities associated with Covid-19. If you won’t wear a mask, don’t aggress against those who do. Time will tell, and I’ll risk looking foolish to people who don’t know or give a damn about me or their own grannies. But when otherwise healthy twenty year olds are praying that their elders don’t get it and describe it as “feeling like my entire insides were shattering like glass” or “that even my hair hurt!” I take heed.
I hope you will too.

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